Week 15: Need help focusing? Try putting your smartphone away.

 We need to allow ourselves freedom from our devices. This becomes more and more complicated as our computers have become linked to our social media, phones, and entertainment. When you sit down to read an article, or write a few pages, make sure you get into the habit of disciplining yourself to stay away from text messaging, Netflix, facebook, imdb, gaming, or whatever sources of distraction most appeals to you. This will help you establish boundaries that will keep you on task.focused


Week 14: You are not alone!

We often perceive our work in academics as something we must do alone. There is no truth in this illusion. Get a writing/study group together. Talk to fellow students and organize weekly or bi-weekly discussion groups. The writer and/or academic that works alone is missing out on the perspectives of others.writing-group-2

Contact the Graduate Writing Studio (fresnostategws@gmail.com) and set up your own Writing Group for the spring 2019 semester!

Week 13: Do not be afraid to ask questions and get assistance!

We are sometimes afraid that our concerns, questions, or lack of knowledge may make us look silly or uneducated in front of peers. Remember that there are no dumb questions. There is always a person willing to answer you and help you get over any obstacles in your way. If one person doesn’t know the answer, find someone else to help.223839049_12f0df6d95_b

Unable to find answers? Visit the Graduate Writing Studio!

Week 10: Feeling insecure about your scholarly self? Revisit your accomplishments.

We sometimes forget that we, as grad students, deserve to be at this level of education. We sometimes fall victim to “imposter syndrome” and fear that our inadequacies will be revealed. Take the time to look at your accomplishments so far. You have come a long way and successfully achieved tasks you would have never deemed possible for yourself. Remember: You are a scholar already, and you have the potential to accomplish more.564be70c5dd789d86d5d434f_Graduate

Week 9: Struggling with writer’s block? Just write!

I know, you are thinking “easier said than done!” Well, not necessarily. As soon as you’ve read something pertinent to your study/essay, write! Get that info down on paper un-self-consciously. Don’t worry about logic, grammar, or content. The sooner you can see your thoughts on paper, the easier it will be to continue writing.

For more motivation, check out Anne Lamott’s life-changing essay “Shitty First Drafts” in her collection of essays bird by bird!


Week 8: Eat right!

Pizza and burgers are easy and delicious. However, sugars, fats, and carbohydrates may not always be the best brain food. Do a bit of research and prepare healthy snacks to eat throughout your study time. A giant, unhealthy meal before reading/writing is a sure-fire way to turn that productive time into nap time.

Say no to this…

Unhealthy lunch

Try this instead…